The beginning:

Custom-manufacturing - beyond the catalogs 

In the summer of 2014, we were tasked with developing a new merchandising collection for Jacobs University Bremen, now our alma mater. We loved iterating with the designs and expressing our creativity. We had lot of creative freedom when it came to the printing applications but we soon realized when it came to the clothing we could use we didn’t have a lot of options. German t-shirt printing companies told us to pick from the standard models they carried and 24 or so standard fabric colors they kept in stock. We wanted custom piping, custom collar size, contrasting trims, laces in different colors, etc. We wanted to design the clothing itself not just the branding on it. Buying from a catalog, we simply could not do that. So we went out and looked for manufactures in our home countries. And we produced a collection exactly how we imagined it and made Jacobs University’s brand truly pop with the new merchandise!
— Ahmed Cheema, ACSK Clothing co-founder
Company Presentation. December 2014, Bremen, Germany. Credit: Annabel Stapel

Company Presentation. December 2014, Bremen, Germany. Credit: Annabel Stapel

along the way: 

Ethical sourcing and sustainability

The first thing we realized as we looked for manufacturers was that we were not looking for suppliers. We were looking for partners to join us on the road to sustainable and ethical clothing. To better work with our partners on the ground, we registered a company and opened a new office in Macedonia in the summer of 2015. ACSK Clothing DOOEL, located in Tetovo, Macedonia, now works on a daily basis to ensure our suppliers comply with our standards of quality and Code of Conduct. We also maintain a presence on the ground in Pakistan so we can really stay true to our word - ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured apparel.
— Stefan Kuzmanovski, ACSK Clothing co-founder
Company Presentation. December 2014, Bremen, Germany. Credit: Annabel Stapel

Company Presentation. December 2014, Bremen, Germany. Credit: Annabel Stapel

Accessing new markets: 

Our German company 

We found that our mission and values resonated with German customers, so we decided to formalize our relationship and guarantee our clients purchasing and delivery terms according to German laws. In order to do that, we decided to start up ACSK Clothing oHG in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen. Bremen was our home for three wonderful years and where ACSK Clothing started, in the halls of Jacobs University Bremen and the dorms of College Nordmetall. What better place to house our office than Jacobs University itself?
— Franziska Pohle, co-founder and Sales ACSK Clothing oHG

The Future: 

Focus on new materials and US expansion

We believe that to truly be leaders in sustainability, we need to look beyond sustainable manufacturing and focus on sustainable materials. This is why we are developing our new collection to reflect this which we named BetterWear. With BetterWear, we want to challenge all the established ways of doing business in the apparel industry by introducing new materials like post-consumer polyester and cotton, as well as hemp and bamboo fibers. Our products and designs are made with you in mind, so if you have any ideas or want to get involved, send us an email or give us a call!
— Stefan Kuzmanovski, ACSK Clothing co-founder