After knitting the fabric, the greige (undyed) fabric is put into large tumble dyeing machines (picture below). We dyed the two main fabrics in the Nimble Storage Green (Pantone 368C) and Nimble Storage Gray (Cool Gray 11). Using fabrics dyed in the Nimble Storage corporate colors will help build brand recognition for Nimble Storage at trade shows around the world.

One of the most environmentally impactful processes in textile manufacturing is the fabric dyeing process. At ACSK Clothing we manage this process in two ways to make sure we are minimizing our environmental impact: 

  1. We use low-impact dyes certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I.  This means the reactive dyes we use from Huntsman do not contain any of the harmful compounds regulated by OEKO-TEX. Class I is the strictest classification for OEKO-TEX certification and means the fabric is safe for direct contact with baby skin. Using low-impact dyes is not only good for human health but also for the environment as heavy metals and phthalates can bioaccumulate and become toxic for animal and plant life. For a full list of regulated compounds click here.
  2. Our textile mill partner has a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility as well as an on-site lab which tests the wastewater effluent before discharge from the factory. The textile mill has a Class A Environmental Permit which strictly regulates the discharges from the mill and requires third-party lab tests to be performed on a regular basis. We can provide these lab results as requested. Read more about Macedonian environmental regulation here.