Your promotional products should reflect your company's mission and values

ACSK Clothing gives you the largest selection of sustainable promotional merchandise to help build brand identity and fuel your marketing campaigns and projects. We help you build your reputation as a sustainable company and partner with you to build a storyline around your projects - we help you follow the journey of thread in your products.  


Featured Client: Holi Montreux 2015, Montreux, Switzerland

We developed a beautiful collection of teamwear for the organizing team of Holi Montreux 2015 in Switzerland. The collection reflected the colorful nature of Holi and ACSK Clothing's biggest strength - custom manufacturing.

We didn't just order a blank t-shirt from a catalog and printed on it. Instead, we custom manufactured orange t-shirts with one of the sleeves in a bright green color. This gave the t-shirts a unique look and made Holi organizers truly stand out in the crowd. Look at all the amazing pictures!

We work with you every step of the way even if you need 10 t-shirts or 1,000 custom-designed fleece jackets. Our project managers will help you identify the right products for your project, work with you on samples and a delivery timeline. We offer our services for one time orders or for scheduled purchases of promotional materials for your online shop or events.
— Stefan Kuzmanovski, ACSK Clothing co-founder

TEDx Jacobs University Bremen 2015 and 2016

And many more ...