Your company's brand is the most valuable asset on your balance sheet.

We know how important your image is– both from your customer and your employees point of view. Conveying the right appearance from the factory floor to the storefront is essential in delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Let us strike the right balance for you:


Busboys and bartenders, executive chefs and culinary students…every position in the culinary industry requires a crisp, clean appearance to uphold the image of your establishment and perform their jobs.

Drawing on our many resources, we assist in selecting garments from our culinary collection such as fashion-forward shirts, slacks, skirts, blouses and neckwear that are not only functional but also comfortable.





Our sampling department can then bring those designs to life so you can see and feel the uniforms we have designed for you before bulk production.  








We work with our logistics partners to deliver shipments to you using a various combination of freight types based on the urgency and size of your order. 

Concept and Design Development

With a full understanding of your brand, our design team can develop a cohesive, coordinated uniform collection that benefits everyone. Our designers select complementary garments for each area of your business that look great, fit well, and will make your employees proud to wear the products you’ve chosen. A uniform collection can range anywhere from one item to tens of items and we will provide you with multiple design options for each article.





After you have looked at multiple samples for your work-wear collection we make tweaks and changes based on your feedback. Our offices in Macedonia and Pakistan source every piece of material that goes into the garments we are making for you. We work tirelessly to make sure each and every uniform we deliver to you is perfectly stitched, with pristine print and packaged just right.